Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is a federally required reporting system that includes enrollment, graduation and completion, financial aid, finance, human resources/faculty, library services, and institutional characteristic information.  The IPEDS overview provides information from the required reporting system as well as other sources to assist students when comparing colleges.

College Navigator - Current data publicly available through IPEDS

Survey Definitions/Overview

NCES - National Center for Education Statistics "is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education". NCES IPEDS Website

IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

IPEDS Data Feedback Report Year

IPEDS Report Year includes data from the prior academic year and/or corresponding chart years.  All IPEDS reporting is titled with the IPEDS year - this is normally the prior year data. Reports are sent out from NCES during the fall after the year has completed generally around November although he report has been delayed until the following February in past years.

Example:  2018 report provides information for the 2016-17 academic year and associated reporting for fall cohorts in 2017 as well as outcome data for fall 2010 cohort. 

IPEDS Surveys Institutional Characteristics Image

"Institutional characteristics are collected through two survey components: Institutional Characteristics Header and Institutional Characteristics. Institutional characteristics data are the foundation of the entire IPEDS system.

Data collected include:

  • Basic institutional contact information;
  • Student services information;
  • Tuition/fees and other student charges;
  • Control or affiliation;
  • Type of calendar system; and
  • Levels of awards and types of programs offered." NCES IPEDS Website


Institutional Characteristics Header

2022-23 Header

2021-22 Header

2020-21 Header

2019-20 Header

2018-19 Header *

2017-18 Header *

2016-17 Header

2015-16 Header

2014-15 Header

2013-14 Header

"The primary purpose of the IPEDS Institutional Characteristics Header (IC-H) survey is to collect basic institutional data including control or affiliation, calendar system, and award levels. These data are key to accurate reporting as they are used to determine the reporting for other IPEDS surveys."  NCES IPEDS Website

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