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Accreditation Recent Report - NWCCU

Current NWCCU report submitted and under review. Refer to Prior NWCCU Reaffirmation Notices and Prior NWCCU Accreditation Reports for archived reports including initial accreditation and reports under the old standards.

The report is available to the public.  To access the current report, click on the link below - pass code required

NWCCU Ad-Hoc Self Evaluation Report March 2016  - REQUIRED: visitor pass code is  8181D0B4

The report was submitted on March 1, 2016, to NWCCU.  The report was written within the LiveText assessment, analytics and reporting system. 

NWCCU Reaffirmation Letter - Current Status (.pdf, 165K)
Annual Reports

Below is a list of the Annual Reports submitted to NWCCU for the last three years.  Prior reports are available by contacting the Accreditation Liaison Officer.

Annual Report 2017 (.pdf, 247K)
Annual Report 2016 (.pdf, 283K)
Annual Report 2015 (.pdf, 569K)
Prior NWCCU Reaffirmation Notifications
2013 Letter of Reaffirmation (.pdf, 165K)
Prior NWCCU Accreditation Reports
March 2015: Mid-Cycle Evaluation Report (.pdf, 1021K)
March 2013: Year One Report (.pdf, 2259K)

This report was originally posted to the SWOCC website prior to implementation of the current webpages, therefore, links to documents may not be up-to-date at this time.  For a copy of a specific document, please contact the Accreditation Liaison Officer.

2012 Comprehensive Report (.pdf, 4457K)
2011 Year One_Standard One (.pdf, 394K)
2010 Progress Report (.pdf, 1873K)
2009 Focused Interim Report (.pdf, 38K)
2007 Fifth Year Interim (.pdf, 1234K)
2006 Accreditation Progress Report (.pdf, 535K)
2005 Progress Report (.pdf, 9843K)
2004 Progress Report (.pdf, 2309K)
2003 Progress Report (.doc, 60K)
2002FullAccreditationEvaluation (.pdf, 1193K)
1997 Fifth Year Interim Report (.pdf, 10100K)
1994 Progress Report (.pdf, 197K)
1992 Full Self Study (.pdf, 16127K)
1987 Fifth Year Report (.pdf, 1151K)
1982 Full Evaluation Report (.pdf, 24216K)
1977 Interim Progress Report (.pdf, 413K)
1975 Progress Report (.pdf, 1403K)
1972 Full Evaluation (.pdf, 23374K)
1968 Progress Report (.pdf, 4087K)
1966 Full Evaluation (.pdf, 10469K)
2015 Mid-Cycle Evaluation Evaluator Documents

Accreditation SWOCC webpage and Accreditation Portal webpage:  NWCCU and Program Specific

This section provides the permanent documents that are linked within NWCCU accreditation reports, referred to as an appendix or exhibit, or other documents that may be needed for peer evaluators.  These documents are accurate at the time the report was written and serve as archived documents.

Mission Fulfillment and Core Theme, Objectives and Indicators webpage
      *  Public Portal
      *  Annual Reports (Mission Fulfillment)

Program Review public portal

Strategic Plan public portal

Success Indicator Reports - historical indicators webpage portal

Academic Master Plan (.pdf, 4498K)
Academic Program Review Process (Report Template) (.pdf, 531K)
College Catalog_2014_2015 (.pdf, 50724K)
Example 1: Outcomes Assessment Plan with Writing Program (.pdf, 322K)
* Example 1 Writing: Map Assessment Tools to Program/Discipline and Course Outcomes (.pdf, 548K)
* Example 1 Writing: Develop Measurable Tools and Criteria for Each Program/Discipline Outcomes (Assessment Report) (.pdf, 319K)
* Example 1 Writing: Map Courses to Program/Discipline Outcomes (.pdf, 241K)
* Example 1 Writing: Map Program/Discipline Outcomes to General Student Learning Outcomes (GSLOs) (.pdf, 199K)
Example 2: Outcomes Assessment Plan with Business Program (.pdf, 337K)
* Example 2 Business: Capstone ePortfolio Rubric AAS Business (.pdf, 179K)
* Example 2 Business: Develop Measurable Tools and Criteria for Each Program/Discipline Outcome (.pdf, 189K)
* Example 2 Business: ePortfolio Rubric (.pdf, 179K)
* Example 2 Business: Map Assessment Tools to Program and Disciplines Outcomes (.pdf, 865K)
* Example 2 Business: Map Course Outcomes to Program/Discipline outcomes (.pdf, 865K)
* Example 2 Business: Map Courses to Program/Discipline Outcomes (.pdf, 188K)
* Example 2 Business: Map Program/Discipline Outcomes to GSLOs (.pdf, 251K)
* Example 2 Business: Program Assessment Report Form (.pdf, 271K)
Indicators of Effectiveness (Historical Listing) (.pdf, 777K)
Institutional Effectiveness Evaluation Rubric (.pdf, 51K)
Measurements and Thresholds (Success Indicator 2013 2014) (.pdf, 186K)
NWCCU Rubric Evaluating Academic Outcomes Assessments (.pdf, 30K)
Operational Checklist (Program Review) (.pdf, 460K)
Pilot "Paper" Template Operational Program Review (.pdf, 388K)
Program Review Schedule (.pdf, 308K)
Program Viability (.pdf, 229K)
Rubric to Assess Program Viability (.pdf, 222K)
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan (.pdf, 282K)
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan Process Flowchart (.pdf, 117K)
Success Indicator 8: LA.3.1 - Employer Perceptions (.pdf, 254K)
Success Indicator 13: LA.3.2 - Student Outcomes (.pdf, 205K)
Success Indicator 40: S.3.1 - Program Quality Design (.pdf, 332K)
Success Indicators (2014-2015 Report List) (.pdf, 213K)

This list is current as of February 2015 and includes green highlighted indicators that were changed from 2014-2015; either the measure and/or thresholds.

NWCCU 2016 Ad-Hoc Self Evaluation Report Documents

This section includes supporting documentation for the report.  Documents are not intended for review as a "current" document, rather the documents represent the required appendices for inclusion within the report.

Appendices are listed first by section as written within the report followed by online supporting documentation not posted on another portal page.

Learning Outcomes Maps and Assessment Reports are located on their own portal page.

1.A Core Themes, Objectives, Success Indicator 2015-2016 List (.pdf, 396K)
1.B Mission Fulfillment Report 2014-2015 (.pdf, 508K)
1.C Review of Core Themes, Objectives and Success Indicators Working Document (.pdf, 496K)

Links within this document are not intended for access outside of the IR network

1.D Pilot Institutional Effectiveness Rubric (.pdf, 53K)
3.A Strategic Plan 2015-2016 (.pdf, 102K)
3.B Program Review Schedule (.pdf, 328K)
3.C Academic and Operational Planned Projects in support of the Strategic Plan 2015-2016 (.pdf, 763K)
3.D Instructional and Student Services Projects in support of the Strategic Plan 2015-2016 (.pdf, 297K)
3.E Strategic Plan Update Summer and Fall 2015 (.pdf, 132K)
3.F Budget Calendar (.pdf, 371K)
4.A Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan (SLOAP) 2015-2016 (.pdf, 369K)
4.B Program Review Instructional Template 2014 Outline (.pdf, 113K)

Links within this document are not intended for access outside of the IR network

4.C SWOCC Program Viability Process and Criteria Scoring (.pdf, 45K)
4.D Outcomes Assessment Rubric for Academic Programs (.pdf, 104K)
4.E SLOAP Matrix (.pdf, 66K)
4.F Outcomes Assessment Process Flow Chart (.pdf, 42K)
4.G Academic Outcomes Mapping Example - Nursing (.pdf, 511K)
4.H Course Program Discipline Assesssment Report Form - Writing Example (.pdf, 88K)
4.I Multi-State Collaborative Rubrics (.pdf, 164K)
4.J General Student Learning Outcomes Rubrics (.pdf, 213K)
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