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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

  • Faculty support provided by Office of Instruction
    • Division Chairs
    • Deans of Instruction
    • Assessment Software - eLearning Resources
    • Assessment Software contact in eLearning:

Operational Outcomes Assessment

Software Access Link: SLO Assessment
SLO Assessment Software Access Link
Software Access Link: Testing and Training SLO Assessment Software

WARNING:  Link to the TESTING AND TRAINING SLO Assessment Software

Testing and Training SLO Assessment Software
Software Access Link: Reporting, Planning & Program Review

Software to report program review including annual review data, planning, compliance, accreditation and Mission Fulfillment.

Reporting, Planning & Program Review Software Access Link

Institutional Data:  Achievement and Success

Mission Fulfillment and Core Theme Achievement

Success Indicator Achievement

Interactive Mission Fulfillment Report this report is in draft format - the report illustrates the threshold level achieved for overall Mission Fulfillment with an additional report which expands to the Core Theme, Core Theme Objective and Success Indicator to view the achievement level of green, yellow or red.

College Statistics Quick Facts and Demographics

Economic Impact Study - Investment and Impact Analysis

Student Data:  Achievement and Success

Celebrating Student Success:  Student Stories 2019

Student Progress and Retention

Student Completion and Licensure (Technical Skills Assessment)

Student Transfer

Student Placement

A public Student Achievement and Success Dashboard option is in progress. The data partnership with Achieving the Dream and the National Student Clearinghouse provides aggregate and disaggregated data for key achievement and success indicators.

Comparative Data: Achievement, Success and Satisfaction

Comparative Oregon Community College Data: HECC - Higher Education Coordinating Commission

National Community College Data: VFA - Voluntary Framework of Accountability

National Data: IPEDS - Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System

National Survey Data: CCSSE and SENSE Engagement Surveys; SSI Student Satisfaction


**  Disaggregated data provided upon request as data must be suppressed in accordance with privacy requirements.  Southwestern suppresses data for categories of 10 or less.

The report below is designed to be viewed on a desktop with the ability to scroll up and down or left to right due to the expanding data columns. The dashboards are in development - expected final version by April.  Note: Core Themes and Success Indicator Achievement Dashboard be sure to click on the title column heading for Core Theme to expand to the Objectives and then click on the Objectives Description to expand to the Success Indicator Data.