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If you have been sent here for tech help, then you are in the right place! Below you will find the article you need. If this page is unable to assist you, please give the kind folks at the SWOCC Help Desk a call. Their number is located at the bottom of the page. **We are always updating so please let us know what information we can include to better serve you and utilize this page**

Enter service tickets here: IT Helpdesk

Staff/Student Password Help

Change your password - Use this link if your password has not expired, and you would like to change it.

Reset your password - Use this link if your password has expired, and you need to reset it. If you are having difficulty resetting your password please refer to the Password Reset Help doc.

If you are unable to change/reset your password, please contact the SWOCC Help Desk.

Candidate Password Reset

If you are currently not enrolled in any classes, but are going through the onboarding to become a student, then you are a CANDIDATE and that's AWESOME! If you need to reset your password then take a look at the graphic and follow these instructions.

  1. Enter your STUDENT ID# in the box
  2. Click on the Password Reset-Applicants link
  3. Enter the email you used to register with SWOCC (Personal Email)
  4. Go check your email and click the link there to reset your password (link expires in 24 hours)
  5. Done!

If for some reason you are unable to reset your password, please contact the SWOCC Help Desk. Let them know right away you are a candidate and they will assist you!

Multifactor Authenticaion (2FA) Help


Microsoft Authenticator App Logo - Dark blue simple padlock design on white background with a person inside represented by two light blue cicles.

To download and set up the Microsoft Authentication App on your mobile device please click Here 

For 2FA common issues, FAQs and information please click here (also located at bottom of page).

For a video walk-though on registering your Microsoft Account for 2FA click here



Temporary Regular Office/Phone Hours are 7am-5pm,

M-F except holidays and during campus closures.

Randolph Hall Room 7, Coos Campus


Help Docs

Title Description File type

Find out what the hardware/software/internet connection requirements are as well as student skills to be successful with online learning!


Please always use your socc.edu email for school business.  This email is also used as authentication to many third party applications that are integrated in some of our courses.


Office 365 is free to active students at SWOCC!


For 2FA common issues, FAQs and general information.


Instructions on how to connect gaming consoles to the SWOCC network.