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Ability to Profit from Instruction 9.074 (.doc, 26K)
Administrative Action for Non-Payment 9.032 (.pdf, 259K)
Administrative Withdrawal of Students 9.008 (.doc, 20K)
Advertising in Student Publications 9.062 (.doc, 23K)
APP 4040 Dual Credit Tuition Waived Courses (.pdf, 171K)
APP 6045 Tuition and Fees (.pdf, 174K)
APP 6045A Term Credit Hour Tuition Schedule (.pdf, 274K)
APP 7085 Children on Campus (.pdf, 190K)
APP 7165 Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Form (.pdf, 171K)
APP 7165 Discrimination and Harassment Policy (.pdf, 356K)
APP 8001 Student Housing Eligibility (.pdf, 176K)
APP 8012 Tuition Residency Status Guidelines (.pdf, 179K)
APP 8018 Tuition Waivers for Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting and EMT (.pdf, 176K)
APP 8020 Tuition Waivers for Student Retention and FTE Promotion (.pdf, 172K)
APP 8024 Registration and Payment of Fees (.pdf, 173K)
APP 8026 Registration Fees (.pdf, 175K)
APP 8030 Deferred Tuition and Fee Payment (.pdf, 171K)
APP 8061 Fees (.pdf, 172K)
APP 8061A Fee Schedule (.pdf, 282K)
APP 8064 Athletic Travel (.pdf, 180K)
APP 8083 Use of College Vehicles for Student Travel (.pdf, 172K)
APP 8084 Dues and Fees of Campus Organizations (.pdf, 176K)
APP 8191 Credit Hour (.pdf, 174K)
Associated Student Government Constitution 9.052 (.doc, 23K)
Closure of Public High Schools 9.068 (.doc, 23K)
Compensation for Cooperative Work Experience 9.048 (.doc, 24K)
Courses and Programs with Enrollment Limits 9.004 (.doc, 23K)
Full Time Student 9.000 (.doc, 23K)
Institutional Representatives 9.066 (.doc, 23K)
Minimum Hourly Rate for Student Employees 9.044 (.doc, 23K)
Receipts and Disbursements 9.058 (.doc, 23K)
Scholarships 9.036 (.doc, 25K)
Scholarships for Student Body President and Editor of Southwester 9.038 (.doc, 23K)
Scholastic Tuition Waivers 9.022 (.doc, 25K)
Student Activity Fee 9.054 (.doc, 25K)
Student Grievance Procedure 9.070 (.pdf, 265K)
Student Grievance Procedure Form 9.070 (.pdf, 384K)
Student Publications 9.060 (.pdf, 273K)
Student Refund Claims 9.034 (.doc, 26K)
Talent Grants and Awards 9.040 (.doc, 27K)
Title IV Federal Financial Aid Programs 9.010 (.doc, 25K)
Tuition Waived Courses 9.016 (.doc, 23K)
Tuition Waived Courses 9.016A (.pdf, 177K)
Vocational Rehab. Student Enrolled in Cooperative Work Experience 9.046 (.doc, 24K)
APP 8042 Student Athlete Insurance (.pdf, 195K)
APP 8075 Directory Information (.pdf, 279K)
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6.1 Definitions
Definitions for Personnel 6.1.000 (.pdf, 133K)
6.2 All Employees
APP 7011 Criminal Background Checks (.pdf, 275K)
APP 7067 Workers' Compensation (.pdf, 337K)
APP 7068 Payroll Deductions for Tax Sheltered Annuities (.pdf, 256K)
APP 7070 Salary Placement Status (.pdf, 296K)
APP 7071 Payroll Deductions (.pdf, 260K)
APP 7072 Employer Payment of Employee Contributions for PERS (.pdf, 172K)
APP 7076 Payroll (.pdf, 180K)
APP 7080 Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting FAQs (.pdf, 380K)
APP 7095 Personnel Records (.pdf, 173K)
APP 7160 Complaint Procedure Form (.pdf, 211K)
APP 7160 Staff Complaints and Appeals (.pdf, 274K)
Statement of Procedure on Layoff and Reduction in Force 6.2.008 (.pdf, 127K)
APP 7165 Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Form (.pdf, 171K)
APP 7165 Discrimination and Harassment Policy (.pdf, 356K)
APP 7110 Disciplinary Procedures (.pdf, 284K)
APP 7012 Standards of Employee Conduct (.pdf, 270K)
APP 4025 Reproduction of All Copyrighted Materials (.pdf, 178K)
APP 7014 Employment Credit References for Non-College Sources (.pdf, 257K)
APP 7161 Whistleblowing Retaliation (.pdf, 258K)
APP 7101 Retirement (.pdf, 183K)
6.3 Benefits (All Types)
APP 7029 Fringe and Leave Benefits for MASSC Employees (.pdf, 173K)
APP 7031 MASSC Group Insurance (.pdf, 251K)
APP 7031A MASSC Group Insurance Schedule (.pdf, 373K)
APP 7034 Bookstore Discount - MASSC (.pdf, 172K)
APP 7065A Administrative Leave (.pdf, 174K)
APP 7065B Bereavement Leave (.pdf, 254K)
APP 7065C Civil Leave (.pdf, 170K)
APP 7065H Holidays - MASSC (.pdf, 174K)
APP 7065P Personal Leave (.pdf, 173K)
APP 7065S Sick Leave (.pdf, 255K)
APP 7065V Vacation Leave for MASSC Employees (.pdf, 174K)
APP 7069 Overtime Compensation as Compensable Time for Non-Exempt MASSC Employees (.pdf, 179K)
APP 7073 Admission to College Functions (.pdf, 172K)
APP 7078 Sick Leave at Retirement (.pdf, 171K)
APP 7100 Early Retirement Request Procedure (.pdf, 453K)
APP 7105A Re-Employment of Retired/Resigned Employees (.pdf, 473K)
APP 7106 Oregon Transfer of Sick Leave (.pdf, 173K)
6.4 Managers, Administrators, Supervisors, Specialists & Confidential (MASSC)
APP 3040 Evaluation of MASSC Employees (.pdf, 176K)
APP 7032 Employment of Supervisory, Specialist and Confidential Staff (.pdf, 313K)
APP 7033 Appointment of Management and Administrative Employees (.pdf, 316K)
6.5 Faculty
APP 7074 Initial Step Placement on PT Faculty Salary Schedule (.pdf, 189K)
APP 7079 Part Time Faculty Tuition Waiver Credit (.pdf, 309K)
APP 7175 Faculty Minimum Qualifications (.pdf, 415K)
APP 7190 Faculty Selection (.pdf, 173K)
Compensation Schedule, CWE and Field Experience Teacher-Supervisors 6.5.002 (.doc, 24K)
Faculty Rank 6.5.000 (.doc, 26K)
Instructional Specialists Salaries 6.5.012 (.doc, 24K)
Part Time Faculty Salary Compensation Guidelines 6.5.010 (.doc, 25K)
Part Time Faculty Work Load Equivalents 6.5.014 (.pdf, 177K)
Part Time Faculty Workload Equivalents for Lab Teaching 6.5.014A (.doc, 24K)
Step Advancement for PT Faculty 6.5.008 (.doc, 26K)
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Southwestern Oregon Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, national origin, age, disability status, gender identity, or protected veterans in employment, education, or activities as set forth in compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations.

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