SWivia of the Month:  2013-2014 Fast Fact and College Demographic Quizlet

Introducing Quizlet, a fun interactive learning tool. With Quizlet we can use terms and definitions to create six interactive learning activities including flashcards, scatter, learn, test, space race, and speller. To experience Quizlet please see the 2013-2104 Fast Fact and College Demographics Quizlet we put together.

Flashcards – This learning activity will present a flashcard with a term on one side. You can click on the lower right hand corner to flip the flashcard to see the definition of the term. Click the arrow on the bottom of the screen to advance to the next flashcard.

Scatter – In this learning activity you will match terms and definitions to make them disappear from the screen.  

Learn – In this learning activity you can have the term or the definition presented and you type in the correct response.  You can have it speak the text or you can read the text.  

Test – will present a simple test of multiple choice, true false, and fill in the blank questions.

Space Race – As definitions scroll across your screen you type the term into the box. You must type in the answer before the definition scrolls all the way across the screen.

Speller – You type what you hear. They will speak the term and show the definition, you need to spell the term correctly in the box.

Have fun viewing the Quizlet features and learning about Southwestern at the same time. Want to learn more about Quizlet? Contact our learning gurus at the Teaching Learning Center T103 to find out about our new learning tools.