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Retention Fall 2013 to Fall 2014 - SWivia Facts February 2015

The first-time, full-time freshman fall 2013 to fall 2014 cohort retention rate was 60.70% - nearly 8 percentage points higher compared to the fall 2010 to fall 2011 cohort!  Female students were retained at a rate of 63.29% compared to male students at 57.65% - male retention rates were over 9 percentage points higher compared to the 2010 cohort and female retention rates were up over 5 percentage points.

Who had the highest retention rate among the different category of all students you ask?  67.86% - Athletes  1

Research from the Center for Community College Student Engagement indicates students persist when they . . .

  • Are active & engaged learners
  • Establish meaningful relationships with faculty, staff and peers
  • Have high expectations & aspirations
  • Navigate successfully through the front door -- college systems, processes and procedures
  • Have more structure, fewer options, clearer pathways

 1  OCCI retention rate was 72.31% - students at OCCI are enrolled in a cohort group that is designed to complete in 5 terms

Student Completion - SWivia Plus for September 2014

  As mentioned during fall in-service 2014 by our ASG President, Jonna Jorgensen, two of the many reasons we work at SWOCC are to help students and support C2C (Commit 2 Complete).

Do you know how many students completed a degree or certificate last year? Check out the link below that was presented at the September Board of Education meeting for a little SWOCC trivia - SWivia


Graduate Data 2013-14

Mission Fulfillment 2013-2014

Southwestern staff are dedicated to achieving the Mission of the College – Success Indicator reports along with the planned projects designed to increase student success and serve our students within budget are highlighted in the annual Mission Fulfillment Achievement Report for 2013-14.  Thank you for all you do to support students and the community as they engage in diverse learning opportunities!

Question:  Was Mission Fulfillment Achieved?

Yes:  91% of Success Indicators were achieved within the green or yellow threshold (29 of 32 with 20 at green status)

Question:  Was Core Theme Fulfillment Achieved?

Yes:   Rates ranged from 88% to 100%

Learning and Achievement


7 of 7



7 of 8

Community Engagement


7 of 8



8 of 9

 Want to know more about Mission Fulfillment and review what was achieved? Check out the Mission Fulfillment, Planning and Compliance webpages for the definition of Mission Fulfillment and Core Theme Fulfillment including links to all of the Success Indicator reports.