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2019-20 Report - available in May 2020

2018-19 Report - Fall 2018 employee data as of November 1

2017-18 Report - Fall 2017 employee data as of November 1

2016-17 Report

2015-16 Report

2014-15 Report

2013-14 Report

"Human resources data measure the number and type of staff supporting postsecondary education. Because staffing patterns vary greatly across postsecondary institutions, IPEDS uses the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System to collect occupational activity.

Data collected include:

  • Employees by primary occupational activity, faculty status, and full- and part-time status;
  • Full-time instructional staff by academic rank, gender, and contract length/teaching period;
  • Full-time instructional faculty by rank, gender, and length of contract/teaching period and their salary outlays." NCES IPEDS Website