Mission Fulfillment Report

Board Presentation 2018-2019

Board Presentation 2017-2018

Interactive Mission Fulfillment Report this report is in draft format - the report illustrates the threshold level achieved for overall Mission Fulfillment with an additional report which expands to the Core Theme, Core Theme Objective and Success Indicator to view the achievement level of green, yellow or red.

Mission - Planning - Achievement Infographic

Plan It!  Do it!  Check It! Adjust It!

NOTE: The full narrative report for each year is scheduled for completion by spring with the preliminary overview report generally available by December of each year.

Starting in 2015-2016, the mission fulfillment report was transitioned to an electronic reporting format with the enhanced and fully implemented software access available by fall 2018.

Success Indicator Reports are accessed online in the new electronic reporting format starting with the 2016-2017 reports. Prior reports were created individually and may be accessed by contacting


Mission Fulfillment Definition

The College will attain 70% of all indicators within the achieved or minimally achieved range.