"The Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) ​is the first-ever national accountability system to measure how 2-year colleges perform in serving their more than 13 million students. The VFA was developed for community colleges, by community colleges with measures that encompass the full breadth of the community college mission and the diversity of students’ goals and educational experiences."  (VFA Website 2017)

Why VFA Data?

"Existing accountability measures in higher education do not adequately measure the unique mission of community colleges. For example, existing measures may exclude part-time students or non-credit career and technical students who are a key part of community colleges’ mission. In light of the inadequacy of existing measures, the VFA provides community colleges with a significantly improved ability to assess its performance, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate its commitment to successfully meeting its academic mission."  (VFA Website 2017)
How is the VFA funded?

"The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is fully funding the building of the VFA Data Tool and implementation to our colleges (Phase III). The Lumina Foundation for Education and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded development of the metrics and conceptual model for the data tool (Phase II). VFA will now be supported by annual dues from its member colleges." (VFA Website FAQ's 2018)
For More Information:
  • SWOCC Profile  - detailed reports available in October of each year; participation is based on state-wide data as reported to D4A (Data for Analysis an Oregon reporting system)

  • FAQ's