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Southwestern leads and inspires lifelong learning.
Adopted by the Board of Education June 26, 2006


Southwestern Oregon Community College fulfills the educational and cultural needs of our diverse communities by providing equitable access to exceptional teaching and learning in a collaborative, engaging, sustainable environment, which supports innovation, lifelong enrichment, and contribution to global society.

Adopted December 7, 2020

 Intentional ExcellenceLifelong LearningStudent CenterednessCollaborative Innovation 


Student Success – Promote student success with an engaging and supportive learning environment.

1a. Provide student-centered learning and co-curricular opportunities to develop job skills, earn credentials, and broaden personal enrichment.

1b. Continually explore, analyze, and refresh curriculum and programs.

Enrollment – Stabilize enrollment by increasing awareness of and expanding access to College services and programs that help students achieve educational goals to enrich their lives.

2a. Advance recruitment, marketing, and enrollment strategies and improve processes.

2b. Expand holistic advising support throughout the course of a student’s college career.

Equity – Advance equity with consistent implementation, continuous evaluation, and intentional improvement in systems and policies.

3a. Develop a college-wide equity framework.

3b. Engage staff and students in training on equitable practices.

Capital – Enhance capital through thoughtful stewardship of human, fiscal, technological, and structural resources.

4a. Improve fiscal processes and maintain capital reserves through college planning processes.

4b. Implement, evaluate, and improve systems, training, and policies.

Technology – Evolve use of technology to ensure integrity and reliability of services, processes, and facilities.

5a. Enhance the College’s cybersecurity readiness and systems.

5b. Adopt and continually refine best practices and training.

Southwestern demonstrates mission fulfillment when a majority of indicators reported for the year are at or above the achieved threshold.

Adopted August 10, 2021


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