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Southwestern leads and inspires lifelong learning.
Adopted by the Board of Education June 26, 2006


Southwestern Oregon Community College fulfills the educational and cultural needs of our diverse communities by providing equitable access to exceptional teaching and learning in a collaborative, engaging, sustainable environment, which supports innovation, lifelong enrichment, and contribution to global society.

Adopted December 7, 2020

I. Intentional Excellence – Use objective information to guide our decisions and value all people with whom we interact.
a. Demonstrate thoughtful stewardship of institutional resources, including fiscal, environmental, technological, structural, and human capital stewardship.
b. Consistently implement, continuously evaluate, and intentionally improve systems and policies.
II. Lifelong Learning – Cultivate the natural human need for individual growth and intellectual development.
a. Provide opportunities for students to achieve their educational goals to obtain a degree or improve job skills.
b. Enrich lives with an active and engaged teaching and learning environment that regularly refreshes and improves curriculum and programming.
III. Student Centeredness – Focus on helping students achieve their learning goals and supporting opportunities for individual success.
a. Provide services, processes, technology, and facilities that are conducive to the needs of learners.
b. Ensure equitable access to learning opportunities and timely completion of student learning goals.
IV. Collaborative Innovation – Build a community in the pursuit of new ideas, informed risk-taking, and entrepreneurial endeavors.
a. Empower informed cross-institutional teams and involve impacted stakeholders in decision making processes.

Southwestern demonstrates mission fulfillment when a majority of indicators reported for the year are at or above the achieved threshold.

Adopted August 10, 2021


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