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Learning and Achievement

Learning and Achievement is at the core of the College Mission focusing on aspects of student achievement and success.

Core Theme Objectives and Indicator:

LA1: Students demonstrate progress - demonstrated by Indicators LA.1.1 to LA.1.7

  • LA.1.1: Success Rate - Developmental Courses (SI 44) Retitled effective 2017-2018
  • LA.1.2: Progress - Credits Earned (SI 28)
  • LA.1.3: Success Rate - LDC Courses (SI 47) Retitled effective 2017-2018
  • LA.1.4: Success Rate - CTE Courses (SI 53) New effective 2017-2018
  • LA.1.5: Retention Rate (SI 48)
  • LA.1.6: Success Rate - Subsequent Courses (SI 54) New effective 2017-2018
  • LA.1.7: Retention Rate - Transitional Education (SI 55) New effective 2017-2018

 LA2: Students complete certificates, degrees, and transfer - demonstrated by Indicators LA.2.1 to LA.2.4

  • LA.2.1: Graduation Rate (SI 11)
  • LA.2.2: Transfer Rate (SI 46)
  • LA.2.3: GED Completer Transition Rate (SI 56) New effective 2017-2018
  • LA.2.4: Success Rate - Completion and Transfer (SI 52) New effective 2017-2018

 LA3: Students demonstrate that they have met learning outcomes - demonstrated by Indicators LA.3.1 to LA.3.5

  • LA.3.1: Employer Perceptions (SI 8)
  • LA.3.2: Student Technical Skills Outcomes (SI 13)
  • LA.3.3: Course Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SI 60) New effective 2017-2018
  • LA.3.4: General Education Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SI 51)
  • LA.3.5: Program/Discipline Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SI 50)


Access is an essential element of the mission for Southwestern to provide learning opportunities that meet current and future educational needs of the student and communities it serves.

Core Theme Objectives and Indicator:

A1: Students access varied learning opportunities - demonstrated by Indicators A.1.1 to A.1.4

  • A.1.1: Enrollment Report (SI 2)
  • A.1.2: Course Offerings (SI 3)
  • A.1.3: Foundation Support (SI 35)
  • A.1.4: Institutional Financial Assistance (SI 39)

A2: Students access services that support learning - demonstrated by Indicators A.2.1 and A.2.2

  • A.2.1: Student Opinion (SI 38) Retitled effective 2017-2018
  • A.2.2: Student Satisfaction (SI 57) New effective 2017-2018

A3: Students access relevant curricula that support lifelong learning and achievement - demonstrated by Indicators A.3.1 to A.3.3

  • A.3.1: Structured Work Experience (SI 14A)
  • A.3.2: Connections - High School Dual Enrolled (SI 29)
  • A.3.3: Graduate Survey (SI 37).

Community Engagement

The College is recognized as an educational institution and as a social, economic, and community partner to support the building of strong partnerships and provide opportunities for the staff and community to participate in diverse activities and events.

Core Theme Objectives and Indicator:

CE1: Southwestern serves our communities by providing quality training and business development to address the changing community workforce needs - demonstrated by Indicators CE.1.1 to CE.1.3

  • CE.1.1: Structured Work Experience (SI 14B)
  • CE.1.2: Training Participant Satisfaction (SI 32)
  • CE.1.3: Service to Business (SI 33)

CE2: Southwestern provides our community members access to a wide range of quality, lifelong learning activities - demonstrated by Indicators CE.2.1 and CE.2.2

  • CE.2.1: Staff Service to Community (SI 34)
  • CE.2.2: Lifelong Learning Participant Satisfaction (SI 49)

CE3: Our community members participate and contribute to the College - demonstrated by Indicators CE.3.1 to CE.3.3

  • CE.3.1: Foundation Annual Fundraising (SI 42)
  • CE.3.2: Foundation Endowments (SI 43)
  • CE.3.3: Alumni Participation (SI 45)


Sustainability is represented by the statement meeting the needs of today without sacrificing the needs of the future. Southwestern recognizes that a strong infrastructure of all resources supports all the other Core Themes to achieve solid instructional and student services programs. Southwestern is dedicated to sustaining all of our resources: human, fiscal, technological, and physical.

Core Theme Objectives and Indicator:

S1: Southwestern provides responsible fiscal management - demonstrated by Indicators S.1.1 to S.1.4

  • S.1.1: Fiscal Cash Flow Responsibilities - End of Year (SI 15)
  • S.1.2: Fiscal Responsibilities All Funds - End of Year (SI 16A)
  • S.1.3: Fiscal Responsibilities All Funds - Current Ratio (SI 16B)
  • S.1.4: Fiscal Enterprise Funds Responsibilities - End of Year (SI 17)

S2: Southwestern builds and maintains a sustainable infrastructure of human, technology, and facility resources - demonstrated by Indicators S.2.1 to S.2.4

  • S.2.1: Employee Satisfaction and Opinion (SI 9)
  • S.2.2: Infrastructure Equipment and Software Maintenance (SI 19)
  • S.2.3: Infrastructure Maintenance (SI 20)
  • S.2.4: Institutional Capacity (SI 58) New effective 2017-2018

S3: Southwestern delivers viable quality instruction - demonstrated by Indicators S.3.1 and S.3.2

  • S.3.1: Program Relevance (SI 7) Reinstated effective 2017-2018
  • S.3.2: Instructional Effectiveness and Quality (SI 59) New effective 2017-2018

Mission Fulfillment Report

Board Presentation 2018-2019 - actual presentation at a Board meeting postponed until later in the year

Board Presentation 2017-2018

Interactive Mission Fulfillment Report this report is best viewed on tablet or larger screen.  The report illustrates the threshold level achieved for overall Mission Fulfillment by Core Theme with options to expand to the Objectives and Success Indicator levels. Additional reports available by clicking on the tabs at the top to view counts and percentages. Threshold levels indicated by green flags (exceeded), yellow flags (met), and red flags (not met).  In some instances indicators are measured every two or three years and may be notated as "NM" for not measured.

Mission - Planning - Achievement Infographic

Plan It!  Do it!  Check It! Adjust It!

NOTE: The full narrative report for each year is scheduled for completion by spring with the preliminary overview report generally available by December of each year.

Starting in 2015-2016, the mission fulfillment report was transitioned to an electronic reporting format with the enhanced and fully implemented software access available by fall 2018.

Success Indicator Reports are accessed online in the new electronic reporting format starting with the 2016-2017 reports. Prior reports were created individually and may be accessed by contacting ir@socc.edu


Mission Fulfillment Definition

The College will attain 70% of all indicators within the achieved or minimally achieved range.

Summary of changes 2015-2016 to 2019-2020

Summary of changes 2015-2016 to 2018-2019

Prior lists, and pre-2010 known as measures of achievement, available by contacting ir@socc.edu

Success Indicator reports for 2015-2016 and prior years available by contacting ir@socc.edu