Why Guided Pathways?

Welcome to Southwestern’s Guided Pathways page. Southwestern has been working for several years to implement Guided Pathways for our students. Through this redesign of how we interact with students, our goal is to connect early with our students to set academic goals that take them directly to the careers that fit their needs. Once they are on that path, this system supports them every step of the way with strong advising and individualized educational supports to ensure their success.

 AACU Pathways Logo Image and Webpage Link  Oregon Pathway Infographic

  Pathways Project Infographic

10 Common Questions:  Pathways Demystified - Johnstone

10 New Questions: Pathways Implementation Demystified II - Johnstone

4 Pillars - Why Pathways?

National Pathways Project

Southwestern Pathway!

New Website Launched - Academic Pathways

Academic Plans and Advising Worksheets - example available soon!

Scale of Adoption - our activities the first two years

Pathway Cohort 1 - Timeline and Institutes at OCCA Student Success Center Links

Glossary of Pathways Terms

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Oregon Pathways Project with support from OCCA
The Oregon Pathways Project is intended to support our state’s community colleges in the design and implementation of structured academic and career pathways at scale, for all students.

AACC Pathways Project Resources and Equity Resources
Key resources for colleges available from the American Association of Community Colleges.  Toolkits and extensive resources inlcuding information on the national project and work being done in other states.

AACU Guided Pathways Resources - American Association of Colleges and Universities

CCRC - Community College Research Center - Student Success Center Resources

RELNorthwest Developmental Educational Case Study - Southwestern and Clackamas