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Compliance and regulatory required information are located throughout the website and myLakerLink. The following non-exhaustive list connects directly to webpages or documents that contain additional links to the required disclosures.

Quick Facts

2018 Quick Facts

Accreditation information and reports are located on the Accreditation webpages including program specific accreditation and self-study reports.

Human Resource Compliance requirements are located within the Human Resource Department webpages.

IPEDS Report Access

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is a federally required reporting system that includes enrollment, graduation and completion, financial aid, financial, human resources/faculty, library services, and institutional characteristic information.  The IPEDS overview provides information from the required reporting system as well as other sources to assist students when comparing colleges.

The following links provide information about Southwestern Oregon Community College's compliance in accordance with the Higher Education Act's disclosure requirements and non-discrimination requirements.

Equity and Inclusion Information

Student Complaint Procedure

Student Consumer Information and Student Right to Know