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Official Transcript Request
Use this form to request official transcripts.  Unofficial transcripts can be accessed in myLakerLink on the Academics Tab.

Grade Appeal
The purpose of the grade appeal process is to address concerns regarding the final grade in a class and is utilized for only that purpose. Students may not appeal disagreements with items such as teaching methodologies, attendance policies, or grade weighting methods.  Please see Chapter 16 - Grade Appeals, in the Student Handbook for more details.

Academic Suspension Reinstatement Petition
Submit this form to petition for reinstatement after an Academic Suspension.

Student Complaint Resolution - Charge of Faculty or Staff Misconduct
Always attempt to work with your Instructor, Instructional Dean, or other appropriate department before filing a complaint.

Student Complaint Resolution - Charge of Student Misconduct
Online Conduct Reporting/Incident Form

Change of Major or Catalog Year
Complete this form to change your declared major, declare a second major, or change your catalog year. Please discuss any changes with your advisor and the financial aid office prior to submitting the form.

FERPA Release or Restrict Information Form
You can restrict or release school records or directory information with this form.

Accessible Education Application
Individuals requesting the reasonable accommodation of a qualified disability.

Graduation Application
Apply for Graduation here.  Make sure to complete the Graduation Survey in order for your application to be processed! 
Graduation Survey Link


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