Sustainability is represented by the statement meeting the needs of today without sacrificing the needs of the future. Southwestern recognizes that a strong infrastructure of all resources supports all the other Core Themes to achieve solid instructional and student services programs. Southwestern is dedicated to sustaining all of our resources: human, fiscal, technological, and physical.

Core Theme Objectives and Indicator Reports:

S1: Southwestern provides responsible fiscal management - demonstrated by Indicators S.1.1 to S.1.4

  • S.1.1: Fiscal Cash Flow Responsibilities - End of Year (SI 15)
  • S.1.2: Fiscal Responsibilities All Funds - End of Year (SI 16A)
  • S.1.3:¬†Fiscal Responsibilities All Funds - Current Ratio (SI 16B)
  • S.1.4: Fiscal Enterprise Funds Responsibilities - End of Year (SI 17)

S2: Southwestern builds and maintains a sustainable infrastructure of human, technology, and facility resources - demonstrated by Indicators S.2.1 to S.2.4

  • S.2.1: Employee Satisfaction and Opinion (SI 9)
  • S.2.2: Infrastructure Equipment and Software Maintenance (SI 19)
  • S.2.3: Infrastructure Maintenance (SI 20)
  • S.2.4: Institutional Capacity (SI 58) New effective 2017-2018

S3: Southwestern delivers viable quality instruction - demonstrated by Indicators S.3.1 and S.3.2

  • S.3.1:¬†Program Relevance (SI 7) Reinstated effective 2017-2018
  • S.3.2: Instructional Effectiveness and Quality (SI 59) New effective 2017-2018