Welcome to Online Learning!

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COVID-19 concerns have affected colleges and universities across the country. Your health and that of those around you is at the forefront of changes we have put in place for summer term. Summer classes will open on June 22, 2020, and will only be available as remote, or online learning. If you have not taken an online course before we hope the following information will help answer questions you may have during this time.

Stay up-to-date with Southwestern's response to COVID-19 at including campus access and other changes during this time.


What do I do first?

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When you registered for classes you received a Student ID# and Password. This is what you use to log in to myLakerLink. MyLakerLink is where you will find your course list, access student email, and other resources while attending Southwestern. If you forget your password, please contact First Stop at (541) 888-7352 for help.

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Next, login to your Campus Email. See instructions here: How to access Campus Email.pdf

Some instructors might require you to be at your computer at certain timesothers might not. These instructions may come to your campus email, or may be announced on the course page in eLearning. 

Course delivery methods include:

  • Remote Courses: You are joining a class remotely that takes place at specific days and times.
  • Online Courses: This is an online course that you can access at any time. Please note this does not mean self-paced. There will still be a schedule and due dates to be followed.
  • "D" Designation: Many courses do not have the "D" (for Distance) designation in their course code but they are still an online course for spring term.


I'm a Coos (or Curry) campus student. Why does my course schedule have me listed at the other campus?

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In order to alleviate wait lists and even out course loads, some students may have been scheduled into a Coos and/or Curry Campus course section. This will not affect how your course is delivered, and you are not required to come to the alternate campus.


Where do I find help for online learning?

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  • Read the eLearning - Online Learning Quick Guide (For Students).pdf for getting started with online learning, including how to locate your courses.
  • Review the information on our Distance Learning pages at Here you will find short video tutorials that will help you see what our online courses looks like.
  • Once you have your Student ID# and myLakerLink password, we can add you to a no cost/no credit Online Introduction Course. This short four-module Introduction Course will provide hands on experience in the basics. Just contact us at and ask to be added to the Online Introduction course.
  • Our distance learning specialist is available to answer questions at or by phone at (541) 888-1504. We can assist with instructions, screenshots, or schedule a meeting via Zoom.  
  • Check your daily for updates from your instructors. Contact information for your instructors can be found on the course syllabus for each of your classes. 
  • Online Tutoring available here!


Contact Numbers for Assistance

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To talk with an advisor Coos Campus: (541) 888-7405
To talk with an advisor at Curry Campus: (541) 813-1667  
To register for classes at Coos Campus: (541) 888-7352  
To register for classes at Curry Campus:   
Student housing: (541) 888-7635,  
Veterans Services: (541) 888-7236,  
Financial Aid: (541) 888-7324 and (541) 888-1617, 
eLearning support: (541) 888-1504,

For myLakerLink password assistance: 

  • Coos Campus First Stop at (541) 888-7352
  • Curry Campus First Stop at (541) 813-1667