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The following terms and definitions are used within the reports and documents at Southwestern related to assessment and data for the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant, 4th cycle, from October 2014 through October 2018.  For more terms and definitions, access Southwestern’s complete glossary of terms / data dictionary.


Beginning Status: This is about employment at the time of enrollment: employed, never employed, or not employed.


College To Careers (C2C): Southwestern's name of the TAACCCT grant project at Southwestern that ran from October 2014 through October 2018.


Completed: We track who's completed a certificate, industry-recognized credential or degree after enrolling. These are the participants who completed one of those during the time of the grant.


Current Status: This is about employment at the time of the report: employed or not employed.


Didn't Complete: Participants who dropped out of school before completing a program except for those who got employed in the target occupation before completing, like the participant with the "Employed Before Completing" status.


DOL: US Department of Labor


Employed Before Completing: We had one participant get employed for the target occupation of a grant-supported program before that student completed the full program. Because that person had gotten significant introduction, discipline knowledge, and practice in that healthcare-related field, the local employer in great need of this particular position hired. 


Enrollees: Enrollees are people who have completed the first step in being a participant which has two parts: they have completed an application and we have verified that at enrollment time they are in a supported college program. 


Incumbent: A grant-specific term that identifies what participants already had a job when they enrolled. This was very common for our grant, as our region has a low level of unemployment, but a rather high, albeit implied, level of under-employment among working aged adults.


Newly Employed: We track who's working and who not working at the time of enrollment. Newly employed participants are people who got a job sometime after enrollment.


Participants: Participants of the grant are students who are a part of supported programs who agree to share their information and outcomes in exchange for college and career coaching provided by grant staff


School Status: This is about a participant's current involvement with the college program: Completed, Didn't Complete, Employed Before Completing, Still in College, Still in Program.


School-Work Match: This roughly identifies if a participant's current employment is related to the program they were enrolled in: related, possible, not related. 


Still in College : We track who's still in school. Participants who are still attending college, but were not in a grant-supported program at the time of the report are "still in college". They may have completed a credential here, maybe not.


Still in Program: These are enrollees who were still in a grant-supported program at the time of the report


TAACCCT: The Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College & Career Training Grant Program is a grant with a four-year cycle that is currently in its 4th cycle.












Southwestern Oregon Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, national origin, age, disability status, gender identity, or protected veterans in employment, education, or activities as set forth in compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations.

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