Operational Unit Outcome Definition

Operational Unit Outcome:  A culminating activity, product, or performance that can be measured. The results or evidence of students’ experiences associated with the services provided by an operational unit. Answers the question: “What will the students GAIN or EXPECT from the experience/service provided?”

Indicator Definition

Indicator: The particular characteristic, dimension, or element you will be measuring to monitor in outcomes attainment. An indicator is a regularly produced measure that described a specified condition or result that the college can gather information on, examine and report on, and use regularly and systematically as a tool for planning, assessment and decision making.

All indicators start with the wording:  "Measured by the ....."

Answers the question: “How is the outcome measured in order to determine achievement of the outcome?”

Success Indicator: The indicators identified by the institution to illustrate achievement of the core theme objective and ultimately the mission.

Threshold Definition

Levels established to act as evidence of whether an indicator is achieved. Answers the question: “What is the target expectation level?”