The College is recognized as an educational institution and as a social, economic, and community partner to support the building of strong partnerships and provide opportunities for the staff and community to participate in diverse activities and events.

Core Theme Objectives and Indicator Reports:

CE1: Southwestern serves our communities by providing quality training and business development to address the changing community workforce needs - demonstrated by Indicators CE.1.1 to CE.1.3

  • CE.1.1: Structured Work Experience (SI 14B)
  • CE.1.2: Training Participant Satisfaction (SI 32)
  • CE.1.3: Service to Business (SI 33)

CE2: Southwestern provides our community members access to a wide range of quality, lifelong learning activities - demonstrated by Indicators CE.2.1 and CE.2.2

  • CE.2.1: Staff Service to Community (SI 34)
  • CE.2.2: Lifelong Learning Participant Satisfaction (SI 49)

CE3: Our community members participate and contribute to the College - demonstrated by Indicators CE.3.1 to CE.3.3

  • CE.3.1: Foundation Annual Fundraising (SI 42)
  • CE.3.2: Foundation Endowments (SI 43)
  • CE.3.3: Alumni Participation (SI 45)