Access is an essential element of the mission for Southwestern to provide learning opportunities that meet current and future educational needs of the student and communities it serves.

Core Theme Objectives and Indicator Reports:

A1: Students access varied learning opportunities - demonstrated by Indicators A.1.1 to A.1.4

  • A.1.1: Enrollment Report (SI 2)
  • A.1.2:¬†Course Offerings (SI 3)
  • A.1.3: Foundation Support (SI 35)
  • A.1.4: Institutional Financial Assistance (SI 39)

A2: Students access services that support learning - demonstrated by Indicators A.2.1 and A.2.2

  • A.2.1: Student Opinion (SI 38) Retitled effective 2017-2018
  • A.2.2:¬†Student Satisfaction (SI 57) New effective 2017-2018

A3: Students access relevant curricula that support lifelong learning and achievement - demonstrated by Indicators A.3.1 to A.3.3

  • A.3.1: Structured Work Experience (SI 14A)
  • A.3.2: Connections - High School Dual Enrolled (SI 29)
  • A.3.3: Graduate Survey (SI 37).